Low-flying military helicopter caught on video in downtown San Diego

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 3:29P Domenick Candelieri
SAN DIEGO -- Have you been hearing loud booming sounds this past week in the San Diego area? Well, that's because of pre-planned military training exercises, according to San Diego police. On Friday, FOX 5 received video from a resident who...

Theft victims ‘feel great’ after recovering items found by deputies

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 2:10P Jason Sloss
SAN DIEGO – Some people who had items stolen from them, were delighted to see their property was among almost 1,000 recovered by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. “We want as many people as possible to come to see if their items are...

Report: More older Americans are looking for flexibility, autonomy in job

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 1:33P Danielle Dawson
SAN DIEGO -- Older Americans are increasingly turning towards gig work, as flexibility and autonomy in one's job have become top requirements for job-seekers, a new AARP survey of those age 40 and older found. A primary reason for this change,...

Marco Antonio Solis to perform in San Diego for El Buki World Tour 2023

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 1:32P Domenick Candelieri
SAN DIEGO -- Iconic Mexican musician Marco Antonio Solis will be stopping in San Diego as part of his El Buki Word Tour 2023, Live Nation officials announced. Solis, a winner of multiple international awards and recently recognized as Person of...

Skateboarder dies after collision with trolley in Mission Hills

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 11:56A Jafet Serrato
SAN DIEGO – A man who was riding a skateboard died Friday after colliding with a trolley in the Mission Hills area, according to San Diego police. The crash took place at the intersection of Noell and Kurtz streets, sometime after 1 p.m. Driver...

North County Transit District: free rides during Rosa Parks’ birthday

FOX5 San Diego (News) 2/3 10:26A Jafet Serrato
OCEANSIDE, Calif. – There’s even more of a reason to take public transportation on Saturday. All rides on North County Transit District (NCTD) will be free that day to commemorate what would have been Rosa Parks' 110 th birthday. NCTD announced...
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