Best White Sneakers For Women

V-Style 6/4 8:21A vstyle
My clients are always requesting white sneakers. They believe white sneakers go with “everything.” Interestingly enough, they do not, and it is always a struggle to find a good pair. [ ]

How To Style Shorts

V-Style 6/2 1:57P vstyle
I have given you two posts on the best shorts right now, but I haven t gone into detail on how to style shorts or provided much detail about putting together [ ]

Unusual Father’s Day Gifts

V-Style 5/30 1:55A vstyle
Father’s Day is almost here again! I’m sure you’ve noticed that we love to update our gift guides each year with fresh recommendations. The fun story about my dad trying [ ]

Best Casual Maxi Dresses

V-Style 5/25 6:42A vstyle
There are four reasons I love casual maxi dresses. One, they are great for airplanes. They don t cut into your stomach like a non-stretchy jean, and they keep your legs [ ]

Best Silver Stacking Rings

V-Style 5/22 6:42P vstyle
Silver stacking rings need a moment of attention too. Yellow gold is obviously more popular, but many outfits require a silver cluster, and a lot of folks are lacking when [ ]

Stylish Shorts for Summer

V-Style 5/20 10:51P vstyle
The stylish shorts in this post are not the basic shorts I just featured in my flattering shorts post. You will not be sporting these stylish shorts every day, and [ ]

How To Tie A Bandana Into A Necklace

V-Style 5/15 2:31A vstyle
There are many different ways to style a bandana. You can wear it in your hair, on your wrist as a bracelet, around your neck, and even as a top. [ ]

Most Flattering Women’s Shorts This Summer

V-Style 5/1 12:55P vstyle
Women s shorts can be the bane of existence for some, and a uniform for others. My clients who run really hot can t get out of them, but most of my [ ]

Best Gold Strappy Heels

V-Style 4/30 3:50A vstyle
Gold strappy heels can be cheesy, dated, or prom-y if selected poorly. But the best gold strappy heels are versatile shoes that can last you years. I am still wearing [ ]

How To Wear A Shawl aka The Rectangle Scarf

V-Style 4/24 3:30P vstyle
Are scarves out of style? Nope. Large oblong or rectangle scarves, aka shawls, are genius and therefore timeless. Let me explain During the summer, it s hot outdoors, but freezing inside. [ ]

The Bohemian Maxi Dress

V-Style 4/15 4:30A vstyle
A bohemian maxi dress is one of my favorite summer frocks. It can be casual, but versatile, and far more interesting than the plain, casual maxi dresses you see hanging [ ]

Best T-Shirt For Women

V-Style 4/6 7:35A vstyle
I am constantly seeking the best t-shirt for women. Every single one of my new clients is in desperate need of that perfect tee. It s the t-shirt you can throw [ ]

Can I Wear Yellow? Can Blondes Wear Yellow?

V-Style 3/25 3:45P vstyle
During my initial consultation with a client, I ask them, Are there any colors that you hate? Inevitably, this will spur a conversation about the colors that my client thinks [ ]
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