How To Wear Grey Boots – Shades of Grey

V-Style 1/30 9:49P vstyle
Do grey boots go with everything? is a question I often get asked. The short answer is: no. No, they don t. But fear not. If you love grey boots, I m [ ]

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

V-Style 1/22 9:29P vstyle
Anyone excited for an outing on February 14th is in need of some Valentine s Day outfit ideas. And if you re not excited, think again. The holiday has some pretty crazy [ ]

Stylish Heart Shaped Jewelry

V-Style 1/18 12:10P vstyle
Are Heart Necklaces Tacky? A decade ago, most heart-shaped jewelry was sold in the form of cutesy gifts peddled out of tacky stores. And then there was the Tiffany heart [ ]

What To Wear In Park City Utah

V-Style 1/14 2:30A vstyle
Park City, Utah is famous for the Sundance Film Festival. Held at the end of January, the annual festival is organized by the Sundance Institute, a non-profit organization founded by [ ]

Pastel Winter Outfits

V-Style 1/4 2:29A vstyle
Come January, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more fabulous than pastel winter outfits. Pastel-colored winter outfits are fun, joyous, chic, and unique. They completely redefine the winter color...

Best Camel Winter Coat

V-Style 1/3 2:54A vstyle
A camel coat is the epitome of chic, but the various shades of camel are one of the hardest colors to wear. I ll tell you why in just a moment, [ ]

Dressy Flats To Wear With A Cocktail Dress

V-Style 12/28 11:40A vstyle
If you need to wear a cocktail dress with flats, I am here for you. From foot ailments and sprained ankles to rocky terrain and a general intolerance for discomfort, [ ]

Sequin Leggings + Sequin Joggers + Sequin Pants

V-Style 12/12 7:15A vstyle
For those of you into sequins, a pair of sequin pants, leggings, or joggers is a must for the holiday season, especially if you re attending holiday events at a not-so-heated [ ]

Most Versatile Jacket Color

V-Style 12/8 12:45P vstyle
My clients often ask me, What color jacket goes with everything? The answer to this question depends entirely on the color theme of one s wardrobe, but generally, the most versatile [ ]

How To Wear Taupe Boots

V-Style 11/30 9:04P vstyle
Taupe boots are the worst in the sense that few people know how to wear them. Also, stores use the word taupe quite aimlessly. Taupe seems to be used for [ ]
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