Experience the ultimate in hand comfort and warmth with our HeatTouch™ Hellfire™ Mitt. We've engineered these mitts with a new 3000 Ultra Battery, featuring Flexible Fusion™ panels for all-over warmth, a waterproof zipper pocket, and a convenient one-handed wrist and cuff cinch. The HeatTouch™ Hellfire™ Mitt boasts a 280g HeatLock™ insulation, DryHand™ windproof, waterproof, and breathable insert, and a premium leather/softshell exterior with a ToughTek palm with Soundtouch™????.

In addition to these features, the mitts come with three heat settings, offering up to 12+ hours of low heat, 8+ hours on medium, and 4+ hours of high heat, ensuring you stay warm always??. The exclusive Flexible Fusion™ heat panel extends warmth to the entire back of the glove and wraps around the fingers. Included are the HeatTouch 3000ULTRA Batteries and a wall charger - just push a button for continuous warmth??.

Explore more and stay warm this season with our HeatTouch™ Hellfire™ Mitt.
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