There is no question that your time in San Diego will be a very busy one. With all the events, activities, tours, and other things the city has to offer, you could be occupied every single minute you’re there. But when the sun goes down and you’ve done everything you can do during the daylight hours it doesn’t mean that the fun is over. Just head over to the Gaslamp District for an extension of everything you’ve done for the day. As they point out at,


“Music and nightlife in San Diego is one of the many reasons to visit America’s Finest City with an array of venues and exciting music events throughout the county.  Head to the Gaslamp Quarter for the ultimate San Diego music and nightlife experience, all within a few blocks from clubs and bars to quaint music venues.”


It’s not a question of whether or not you can really find a bar, restaurant, club, or lounge to spend your evenings but how to go about finding the one that will meet your specific needs.


When to Go?


Restaurants and bars in Gaslamp District start their fun early in the evening with a lively Happy Hour. You won’t have to wait until late in the evening to get your nighttime fun started. Right in the heart of the district is a host of early events. You can have your choice of sports bars, fine dining, clubs, and even a few speak easys scattered around the 16 blocks that make up the liveliest place in the city.


What’s Your Fun?


You also have to decide on the type of fun you’re looking for. The Gaslamp has such a wide variety of venues to choose from, the decision is really up to you as to the type of entertainment you want to have. If you just want a quiet dinner with a little light music you’ll have a wide range of options available to you. On the other hand if you want o hear live music and a lot of dancing, you’ll find that too. And there is a staggering number of sports bars so you can even take in the latest games whenever they come up. For you, when it comes to having fun in San Diego, the sky’s the limit. You can even check out the latest specials that restaurants and bars offer every week so that you can get more bang for your buck. As the Gaslamp is considered to be the ultimate in entertainment in San Diego,


“Ask any San Diegan: if you’re not at the beach, you’re at the Gaslamp. That’s because nowhere else will you find the breadth and quality of entertainment you’ll find here. Pro sports. Live Comedy and Music. Big-time concerts. Broadway theatre. Some of the world’s hottest nightclubs, The Arts, Museums, Cinema.”


And as they continue to point out, there’s always something new. So, when you’re looking for something special about the Gaslamp, there will always be something fresh to see and do.


So, no matter how you chose to spend your daylight hours enjoying the sights and excitement this vibrant city has to offer, when it’s time to wind down or wind up you’ll find the best way to end the day in the Gaslamp Quarter. As they point out at,


“The heart of San Diego’s nightlife action is found in Downtown’s lively Gaslamp Quarter. Here, 16 walkable city blocks are filled with rooftop bars, hot nightclubs boasting celebrity DJs, moody jazz clubs and happening restaurants spilling out onto the sidewalk.”


Regardless of whether you’re looking for a nice upscale jazz club, an Irish pub, a secret speak easy, fine dining, or a busy sports bar, there’ll be plenty of ways to get your nighttime fun going strong when you visit the Gaslamp. With so many different options to choose from, the hardest part of the entire experience will be making the right choice.


So whether you’re a visitor on vacation, trying to explore all the specific corners of the city in one fell swoop or you’re a long time resident that’s just looking for some way to spend with family and friends, make your way to the Gaslamp District so you can get the most out of your experience.