Fly Socal led by Ivan Cibrian, an FAA-certified flight instructor offers comprehensive flight training in San Diego. Flying from its primary airport Gillespie Field, and secondary airport Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, our flight school provides a range of training programs from Discovery Flights to Commercial Pilot Certificate Training. With advanced facilities, including a high-tech flight simulator and a fleet of Cessna 172s and Piper Archers, we cater to aspiring aviators at all levels.

Open daily from 7am to 6pm, we're committed to delivering personalized, expert instruction to help student pilots achieve their aviation goals. We have been flying from San Diego for over three years and have helped pilots complete their required flight hours and receive their certifications.

Our Flight School in San Diego is led by CHI-I Ivan Cibrian who has over four years of flying experience and two years of experience as a flight instructor. He began his journey at a competitive Part 141 flight school, Ivan is known for his high checkride pass rate. At Fly Socal, flight students can feel confident and comfortable when learning how to fly as Ivan’s patient, student-centric teaching approach, focuses on precise flying methods over intuition.
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