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As a bride, you should look your best on your wedding day. That’s what we aim for here at Jana Ann Couture. We believe that your wedding day is exceptional, and as such, you should look great.

One way to look great on your wedding day is by making sure your make up is done by a professional. Your accessories should also be of top quality. Most of all, you need the right wedding dress. As a bridal store in San Diego, we’ll be talking about getting the right wedding dress in this post. We have lots of experience with that.

When choosing the right wedding dress, you should go with the one that flatters your figure the most. How do you do that? You need to, first of all, know your body type. Every bride falls into one of the following body types: The apple, hourglass, pear, and the rectangle. Some women could also be a combination of more than one, but there is usually a dominant one you could go with. Come to our Bridal Shop in San Diego to get the best wedding dress that fits your body.

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