For those people who are interested in living in a smaller community that is a step away from big city living, Vista may be the perfect spot for you. Located a mere 29 miles from sunny San Diego, Vista has become one of the top destinations for those looking for a simpler way to live. The city has received accolades for being family focused and just far enough away from the chaos of bigger locations so residents can literally have their feet in both worlds. According to,


“If moving to Vista is in your plans, you may be interested to know that it has a population of 94,431 and was named one of the “50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family.” Vista’s central location and close proximity to San Diego puts residents near many Southern California attractions.”


From Vista you will be only a short drive from the Pacific Ocean, Mexico, San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Sea World, Disneyland, and even Buena Vista Park. Each location has its own set of amenities you can enjoy while you’re there.


Family Oriented


Because of its strong economy, good educational system, and numerous job possibilities, the city of Vista is considered one of the best places to raise a family. Ideally residents can enjoy a host of outdoor activities specifically designed so that the family can play together while they do. This makes for a solid community that is strengthened by the bonds that grow when all of its residents share in the common goal of raising a family. As they describe the city in the magazine 101 Things to Do SW,


“This city has eighteen elementary schools, six middle schools, and seven high schools. That’s a lot of education for one city, wow!  Vista is also home to 15 community parks (six times the national average) – includes theaters, museums, picnic grounds, recreation centers, athletic sports fields and specialty sports parks.”


It is clear that those who decide to settle in Vista, California will have a rich and full life. Whether they plan to spend their time cruising the Southland in search of new adventures or they just want to stay close to home and indulge in the quiet beauty that surrounds them, they’ll find that their home in Vista can provide them with everything they need. It’s no wonder this place has earned the reputation of being a great place to live such as in Alexan Melrose Apartments.

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